Staging Spaces


It always amazes me when I see a completed transformation like this become real!

The design intention is inspired by a fusion of coastal living elegance, light, bright and feeling as though you are ready to relax in this Scandi- Canadian country home!     Another perfect Staging project!

As I first walked into this space, all I could think was ‘Wow, I have a perfect space to transform with colour!’

These wonderful homeowners graciously followed my magic paint brush, as I spec’ed softly toned whites and smokey neutrals, some new accent pieces and plants.

We all worked our magic together with the excellent team at Booth 7 Painting Solutions who made the cabinet and mantle painting transformations happen!


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    janineamay - April 18, 2019

    Terrific Antoinette!
    There are so many design projects and topic to write about, as I study emerging trends with in the world of social, tech, science, natural sciences, art, fashion, colour, design as I am part of the Color Marketing Group International, which is completely fascinating to see how colour effects and communicates to us all! I have many stories and pieces to write about, so please stay tuned and so glad you enjoy my site!
    Best, Janine

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