About Us

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Our Approach

Discover Design in Colour

Speaks to the Inspirational Designer in all of us!

My vision is about inspiring you with ‘simple go to solutions’ for refreshing any space- Inside or Out!

Stay tuned for Creative, Innovative and just Inspiring Ideas.

Explore the future of colour & finishes for design as it unfolds!

Our Story

A Story of Design Evolution….

My philosophy as a Designer is to always stay curious & never sit idol!

From a very early age I have always been fascinated with art, colour & design. Growing up in a rural town, I was quite unique.

As a nature loving interior designer, experienced in residential, commercial, hospitality design, colour has always been my deep rooted passion!

Uniquely, colour seems to operate in many dimensions and somehow speak another language.

Thru my professional role in Colour Marketing & Design, continuously studying the future of Design & Colour Trends, adventure and exploration take many different shapes & forms.

Planning a Home Renovation or need a Customized Colour or Design Solution send us a note:     [email protected]

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