Tree House or Office?

Ever wish your office was in a Tree House?

Inspired by Nature- My Tree House Office!!

Well mine kind of is!

Writing & creating in a space with lots of warm natural sunlight (Vitamin D), fresh air, & plant life is essential to my style! Not only your atmosphere becomes more organic, but so do your content and creative pieces!

Colours, materials and finishes inspired by nature are almost essential to recreate this atmosphere if you cannot have your office in a Tree House!

How do we Select Colours & Finishes to tell the story?

Colours & Finishes create our atmospheres, that we can feel thru nostalgia and our 5 senses.

Some favourite wood finishes are oil on mahogany and/ or oil on walnut wood!

Espresso colour reminds me of coffee in the morning when you are at your best!

The walls appear as ‘carte blanche’ grey-ish white carrara marble inspired hue, which can seem like the blank page of an ancient hand made book waiting for history to unfold before us!

Shades of white can clear your mind, having slight undertones (ex. warm or cool) can define architectural details in a space differently.

The Fresh Exciting Modern Green infuses new signs of life, sprouting new leaves of inspiration!

Creatively refreshed, inspired and energized this space makes anyone feel!

Pull up a chair and create your perfect inspired space!

Nature Inspired Colour & Finishes


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